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Cotton Hygenic mask with a double pocket to introduce a protective filter. Size for women, face contour 50-60cm

The outside is made in a printed cotton fabric and the inside is made of a double gauze smooth fabric. Both fabrics are 100% organic cotton.

This is mask is not due for sanitary use. It should not be used in hazardous environments and it should always be used with a filter in it. The mask acts as a holder for the filter that is what really has protection power. We recommend to wash it at 60º before first use, and also to wash it after every single use. You can either boil it or iron it at 100º for better disinfection. Those two options will preserve your mask and make it last longer. It is very important to change the filter in every single use and clean your hands before putting your mask on and after taking it off.

This mask comes with 2 TNT washable filters. You could also use any other homologated filters by the EN 14683:2019+AC:2019 norm.

This mask should be used along the rest of the protection measures such as interpersonal distancing and periodically handwashing.

*Mask made in Spain by “Ellas lo Bordan”, a workshop that trains and employs mothers at exclusion risk.

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